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Azidrill - Directional Core Barrel


The most common deviation tools for directional drilling are steerable down-hole motor assemblies (so-called positive-displacement motors) and rotary steerable systems. Another common approach is use of Whipstock (wedge) to sidetrack out of the wellbore or correct its path. Downside for most directional drills is the need for a full-face drill bit, thus not being able to take core samples, leaving the project without potentially important geological information for smaller or larger sections of the bore hole.

To overcome this problem a coring type of directional drills has emerged, drills that can take full length core just like a conventional core barrel. This technology is known as Directional Core Drilling (DCD). On top of the fact that DCD technology can provide continuous core, the drill produce less cuttings, use less water (equal to conventional drilling), no special rods or pumps needed and it provides good penetration even in very hard formations.

Aziwell wanted our help to develope an instrument for use in connection with core drilling.
We assisted them with both hardware and software development (embedded + PC application) and an android app for controlling the instrument in the field.

The solution

Azidrill steerable wire line core barrel takes directional core drilling several steps forward by providing direct sensing of toolface during each run and oriented B-size core that implies more geological information and fast penetration.


Motherboard based on nRF51822 from Nordic Semiconductor. BLE interface, 2x robust accelerometer for redundancy, possibilities for connection of external sensors including Hall-sensor.

The result

Aziwell has launched the product Azidrill. They have opened an office in Canada and their solution is successful.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

  • Per Berg
    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS