Safe disinfection of rooms and equipment!

Decon-X has developed a disinfection robot. It uses the substance hydrogen peroxide to disinfect all surfaces in a room.
Datek Next contributes to further developing the software in the robot. This makes Decon-X able to meet an increasing demand for their robot.

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The disinfection method from Decon-x is gentle and will not harm furniture or technical equipment.
The robot can be used anywhere. Our customers disinfect areas in veterinary clinics, gyms, health institutions, industrial kitchens and in areas for food production.


NET / C #, test procedure, regression testing and hardware simulator.

The solution

The disinfection robot fills the room with hydrogenperoxide mist and keeps the concentration at a constant level over a given time to ensure that 99.99% of bacteria / viruses die.
The compressor pumps H2O2 into the air and sensors monitor the concentration in the room to ensure complete disinfection.
Check out Decon-X`s homepage for more information on their robot.


Windows10, 4G-modem, Jira

The result

Update of generation 1 of Decon-X's disinfection robot. Develop the software for generation 2. Develop a hardware simulator to do testing easier.
The Decon-X robot is extremely relevant due to the corona pandemic. The technology has been successfylly used in dentists' offices, hospitals, in ambulances and buses, offices and many other places.

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  • Per Berg
    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS