Disruptive Engineering

Next generation traffic data.
Unique vehicle detection, artificial intelligence and privacy-by-design.

The sensors strips detect all vehicles with their unique magnetic signature. No cameras, license plate registration or additional sensors in vehicles are required.
No personal information – only detailed traffic insights.

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Disruptive Engineering

Engeneering company that has developed a sensor system to monitor busy roads using unique sensor technology that provides detailed insight into the traffic situation.


Disruptive Engineering wanted to develop a test system/test jig for the production of sensor strip (Hardware and Software).

The solution

Solutions adapted across various areas and applications.

Road - Road networks must become less congested, safer and environmentally friendly. Gain insight into the present situation, plan more efficiently and optimize operations with the new traffic standard for traffic measurements.
Tunnel - Safety is always critical, but rarely more so than in tunnels. Upgrade every tunnel, regardless of size, to current EU-directives in a cost-effective manner.
City - Raise the bar for a greener and smarter city ambitions by measuring environmental goals related to e.g. bicycles and electric cars. Gain insights that take care of citizens without compromising mobility.

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  • Per Berg
    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS