Ambitious future goals for Datek Smart Home

Sondre Aarrestad takes over the role as leader of the smart home team.

Sondre Aarrestad has worked in management positions in the telecom industry for the past 23 years. In the early years he worked within technological solutions, and the past years with commercial responsibility for market and product development. He has a technology background from NTNU in Trondheim and is passionate about technology that can improve and simplify people's everyday lives.

- I have known Datek as a company for many years. When this opportunity arose and I got a deeper insight into the organization, I could not let this chance pass me by. The motivation to change pastures increased when I got to know the people who lead Datek. I started my career as a hardware and software developer in Informasjonskontroll, which today is Datek Next, so in that way you can almost say that "the ring is closed", says Aarrestad with a smile.

Fra venstre: Sondre Aarrestad og Anders Westgaard
Sondre Aarrestad (to the left) and Anders Westgaard (to the right).

An uncut diamond in the Norwegian market

Datek, and Datek Smart Home in particular, is an uncut diamond in the Norwegian market. There is incredible expertise in the company, and a portfolio of products and services has been developed over the past few years. Our next step is to commercialize this portfolio in combination with constantly developing ourselves further. The goal is to succeed with solid partners in Norway, but the ambitions don't stop there! We are already underway in Sweden, and we will increase our focus on succeeding abroad in the future.

We will focus more on the Eva Smarthus brand and develop this to deal with end customers directly from Datek Smart Home. We will become the best at solving people's needs and utilizing "smart home technology" without selling "smart homes". This can be by raising awareness and effectively helping people to manage their electricity consumption in an everyday life where electricity is getting more and more expensive, and where prices vary a lot during the day and the year. Our ambition is to make advanced technology available so that people are left with a sense of mastery and joy when using our products and services, says Sondre Aarrestad.

What does it mean for Datek Smart Home to have Sondre on board?

- Datek Smart Home is a significant player in value-added services. With Sondre in place, we get an experienced manager with relevant expertise and a unique understanding of the value our services and solutions provide for our customers, says Anders Westgaard, managing director of Datek AS.

Sondre Aarrestad stående
Sondre Aarrestad, ny leder for Datek Smart Home.