Strenghtening the Board of Directors at Datek

The man behind eFaktura, Freddy Haraldsen, enters the Board of Directors at Datek Wireless.

Datek’s new board member

As part of of strengthening Datek’s Board of Directors, we have been fortunate to get Freddy Haraldsen on board. Freddy has also joined the group of owners at Datek Wireless.

Freddy has a long and impressive career in telecom and finance. His career began in Telenor where he had leading positions in the corporate market. In the late 1990s, Freddy started up in Nets Norway, back then called BBS, and it was here he got the nickname “eFaktura’s father” after leading the team towards launch of eFaktura and BankID. Freddy is deputy Executive Managing Director of Nets Norway and has many heavy boards on his CV.

Freddy is a very skilled leader with the ability to think strategically and get the best out of the people around him.

Freddy about his position in Datek

«Internet of Things is one of the most exciting areas in the IT market, and Datek has both leading products and expertise. I have experienced a strong culture and many talented people in Datek and look forward to working together to further develop and commercialise this in a very exciting market.» Freddy Haraldsen.

We look forward to the co-operation

«We are very happy to get Freddy on our Board of Directors. He has a lot of experience and expertise, which I am sure we will benefit from in the future. He also has a driving commitment that will challenge and lift us in the administration moving forward.» CEO, Espen Westgaard.

We welcome Freddy to Datek.