We are making changes to strengthen our focus on health

World leading blood pressure monitor ready for the world

HyperSension project to roll out globally

In 2018 we started developing a smart blood pressure monitor in the HyperSension project. The first medical tests in the project have now been carried out with promising results. Now we are ready to take the next step. The project will be commercialized and we will build a marketing organization to roll out HyperSension globally.

This means that the project team will increase, a new generation of sensors will be developed and new clinical tests will be carried out. To finance it, we need new partners, investors and capital – in addition to the already existing team working on the project.

Changes in management

Tom Scharning wants to focus on the role of chairman of the subsidiary Datek Smart Health AS, which is the owner of HyperSension. Scharning therefore resigned as CEO in Datek AS as of July 1st. 2020.

Scharning has been on the board of directors of the company since its inception in 1997. In 2018, Scharning took over as CEO with the ambition to build the best IOT company in the Nordic region. The turnover in Datek has increased from NOK 35 million in 2017, through NOK 61 million in 2018 to NOK 84 million in 2019 with solid profits.

«The HyperSension project helps improve the lives of some of the 1 billion people with high blood pressure. I would like to devote more of my time to this project than I have had the opportunity as a leader in Datek AS. I now look forward to contribute to the success of this project, together with the team at HyperSension », says former CEO in Datek AS, Tom Scharning.

Our new CEO

Anders Westgaard took over as CEO of Datek AS as of July 1st. 2020. He has worked in Datek AS since 2013 as head of business development. He has been a major contributor to the company’s growth and development.

«It is with great humility that I assume the role of CEO in Datek AS. I know the organization, products and solutions well, and look forward to further developing the company together with the good people at Datek», says Anders Westgaard, CEO of Datek AS.

Datek is a Norwegian-owned IoT company with a strong competence environment in Lillestrøm.
The group consists of several subsidiaries, all of which have unique opportunities in their areas. Our ambition is to be a leader in both Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Health and IoT consulting services.

«Like many other companies in Norway and the world, Datek has had a difficult time as a result of the Covid-19 situation. However, we have spent the last few months developing our solutions and products as best as possible. With the right grips now, Datek has an excellent starting point for further growth and success», says Westgaard.

Changes in the board of directors

Espen Westgaard and Anders Westgaard are through their jointly owned Elda AS a majority owner in Datek AS. Now that Elda is taking more direct control of the operations of Datek AS, it is natural that it will also be changes in the company’s board of directors. Freddy Haraldsen is signing off after three years on the board, the last two in the role of chairman of the board. Vegard Øien, long time board member and shareholder in Datek AS, will take over as chairman of the board. Further changes will be made to strengthen the board with the expertise relevant to the plans going forward.

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CEO Anders Westgaard, CEO Datek Smart Health AS Susanne Ludvigsen and former CEO in Datek AS, Tom Scharning.