Strengthening of management in Datek

From Fintech to Norwegian leading IoT company - Tom Scharning has been appointed as new CEO

Ambitious goals for the future

Tom Scharning has been appointed as new CEO of Datek Wireless AS. He is replacing Espen Westgaard who will start an operational role as CTO in the company.

Datek has ambitious goals for the future – We will be the best IoT company in the Nordic region. A step in this strategy was taken earlier this year when the company entered into an agreement to acquire the company Informasjonskontroll. Further realization of the vision requires much of the company’s leadership in the future, with regard to strategic development, commercialization and financial development.

Knows Datek very well

«As current CEO, I am convinced that we have found a very good solution for the company. I am looking forward to a new role where I can use all my strength to develop technology within smart cities, smart homes and smart health. That Tom is now taking over as CEO makes me sure that both the company, the people and the culture will be taken care of.» says Espen Westgaard, current CEO for Datek Wireless AS.

Tom is from a position as CEO for Nets where he has been in charge of digitalization and payment solutions in Norway. He has long experience as a commercial leader of technology companies in Norway and abroad. Tom knows Datek well, he has been at the board for 20 years, of whom 17 of them as chairman.

«I know Datek well from board work for many years. The technology and expertise of the company is unique and the market demands this competence. I am looking forward to helping us capitalize on this expertise for the benefit of customers, partners and shareholders.» says Tom Scharning, new CEO for Datek Wireless AS.

Tom starts in Datek no later than October 1, and will simultaneously resign from the role of chairman. Freddy Haraldsen, the man behind eFaktura, with a long and significant career within telecom and finance has been proposed as new chairman of Datek.

Espen Westgaard og Tom Scharning
Espen Westgaard og Tom Scharning