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We maintain production from home

We take our authorities’ advice seriously and therefore we are now working from home. We work individually to limit the risk of infection and we interact via Teams. It works fine, but it is not the same as being together at the office. We will miss seeing each other.

We make things work

We provide digital services and fortunately much of this production can be maintained digitally. Datek contributes to help people and businesses through this crisis.

Our technology and solutions are in full operation, for example:

We make sure that trains with food and other supplies arrive safely.

We make sure that the SMS infrastructure works so that residents are informed of important infection prevention measures.

To prevent people from gathering at sports facilities, we have helped to switch off the lighting at many outdoor sports facilities.

Our street lights are continuously monitored. Customers who have set up notification in the system in the event of faults on their facilities will as usual receive SMS or E-mail so that the faults can be rectified for the public as soon as possible.

We make sure the home service staff has the right car available – so that the elderly and the sick who need help get it on time.

We develop technology that is used for disinfecting machines, hospital beds or monitoring of health.

Datek has developed this type of technology for over 20 years. Our basis is knowledge of technology and passion for solving technical problems for the benefit of society and individuals.

Datek – Everything. Connected

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We will like to help solve problems in this crisis – or if it is something you want to have developed in the long run.

Support, maintenance and development services are maintained as normal for our customers.

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