World-class design meets world-class technology

Eker Design & Datek Smart Home – a perfect match

Datek Smart Home is now perfectly positioned to launch their new products and services in Norway and Europe. 

A perfect match

Datek has the best developers and many years of experience in developing IoT products. With a high level of knowledge and expertise in Zigbee and value-adding services, everything is in order to achieve success in the Smart Home segment. The importance of good design should never be underestimated, and the best products deserve great design. We were never in doubt when we were going to develop our own product family – we had to work with the best ones within design. Our first choice was Eker Design and it ended up being a perfect match!

They quickly understood what we were looking for and it has been a smooth process all the way. Eker designed a family of products that our customers can be proud to place visibly in their home and that is in line with our brand “Eva – Smart Home Made Simple”. The first products are already in place and available in our webshop – And there are more to come! Together with Eker we are also well underway with a new product range that we are very pleased to offer to our corporate customers who want their own brand on our products. The collaboration we have in place with Eker also made it possible to develop a completely unique product range for our partners. Everything is of course Norwegian developed!

«Datek Smart Home has invested heavily in Eva Smart Home products & services. We want to offer our customers smarter homes and good services. With Eker design as our partner our products get the design they deserve. Eva Smart Home focuses on the combination of quality and user-friendliness. Together with Eker Design, this is substantiated in an excellent way», says Trond Westgaard, CEO of Datek Smart Home AS.

Eker Express – a unique opportunity for Datek Smart Home

It was with great pleasure we were informed that our new project was chosen to participate in the Eker Express program. This is an industrial program with a focus on design-driven value creation, aimed at small and medium-sized, well-established companies. The purpose is to increase productivity, value creation and competitiveness for Norwegian business and industry. Bård Eker started the program in 2019 and has since helped several companies realising ideas and improving competitiveness. For Datek the timing could not have been better. We just entered the Norwegian market with Eva – Smart Home Made Simple. With access to world-class expertise from Eker Design, we get the design help we need to take the next step towards success. We are well underway! It is inspiring to learn from the best!

Successful collaboration

The collaboration with Datek will give results that both parties can be proud of. We have managed to connect the resources in the two companies so that the process of developing new products is very efficient. Datek has a unique expertise in product and component technology. They are innovative and always looking for new ways to use of new components and new technology. This makes their products unique in both in terms of functions and aesthetics. Development of Eva Smart Home services will also be an exciting process. Datek has to offer the clients new smart home services to adapt to the new market. This is exciting, and we are now getting to know even more of the skilled resources within Datek” says Victor Rosenvinge, COO Eker Design.

“We believe that the good collaboration will continue, and that we will have the opportunity to create new products for Datek in the future. We are happy to be part of the process with a Norwegian player with a focus on “designed & developed in Norway”, adds Victor.