esyloq - the key to better waste sorting

esyloq, a locking system for source sorting that improves user experience, control, security and efficiency.

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Esyloq liggende bilde med telfon

A ground-breaking solution for locking waste containers

Strømbergs AS has revolutionized the way we dispose of waste. Together we have developed a patented solution that enables individual locking of waste containers using an NFC chip in the phone, a dedicated app or an RFID chip.

From Concept to market

Datek Next has been a key player since the start of the project. From being responsible for the technical development of the product through several stages, to being involved from the concept phase to proof of concept, to a version ready for the market. The development of esyloq has been an exciting challenge for us. We have integrated several technologies in limited space. The product must also withstand the demanding environment around waste containers, as well as the challenging Norwegian climate with a focus on battery capacity for long life. We have been responsible for the development of mechanics, hardware, software and the backend solution for esyloq.

The solution has a cloud-based platform where all the locks communicate. Communication is via the 4G network based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF9160 platform. This cloud solution, developed by us, is built as a scalable platform that gives several partners access to manage the locks via a secure API.

Brukergrensesnitt esyloq


  • Opening and locking via app or NFC

  • Weekly planning for waste disposal

  • Registration of events for the "pay as you throw" principle

  • Robust design that withstands demanding environments

The result

Datek Next has worked closely with Strømberg to industrialize and produce esyloq. First large-scale production is expected to be ready for sale towards the end of June 2024. This solution represents a significant improvement in waste management, with outstanding ease of use, control and security. All supported by an innovative cloud-based platform for centralized administration and control.

«Through cooperation with our local partner, Datek Next, we now have the opportunity to offer the market a ground-breaking product that will help revolutionize access management and waste collection»

Svein Strømberg, CEO Strømbergs AS

About Strømbergs

Strømbergs was established in 1996, but the company's owners have roots in plastic production dating back to 1946. They are a modern company with a conscious attitude to the environment and a focus on cost-effective and practical solutions.

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