Kraftpluggen is cyber security tested

The smart energy meter developed by Haugaland Kraft connects to the fuse box and reads the power consumption every two seconds. It has now been cyber security tested by Datek Next.

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Through several iterations, Haugaland Kraft has developed Kraftpluggen. The power plug retrieves real-time consumption data from the electricity meter and presents this in an app to the user.

In collaboration with Datek Next, Haugaland Kraft has also implemented support for AMS meters from Kamstrup and Aidon, in addition to the existing Kaifa meters. In this process, the entire backend infrastructure was moved from Google IoT Core to the Datek IoT Platform, which is based on Amazon AWS.

Protection against cyber attacks

Haugaland Kraft wants to ensure in the best possible way that both the unit, the systems and customer data are protected against cyber attacks. In addition, they want to be early adopters so that Kraftpluggen will comply with future EU requirements for cyber security for connected products. In this way, they will ensure that the product can be sold when EU cyber security requirements enter into force in August 2025.

Cyber Security testing

Datek Next has met the market's desire to deliver end-to-end solutions to customers. The company has therefore expanded its expertise in specially developed hardware and software with a Cyber ​​Security Test methodology in accordance with the ETSI EN 303 645 standard. Through this testing, several points for improvement were uncovered, including reporting and handling of vulnerabilities, which were immediately improved and implemented in the solution.

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The result

Haugaland Kraft is now able to deliver Kraftpluggen to its customers knowing that they have done everything they can to protect material, systems and customers against Cyber Security attacks.

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